How can i change the max document size?

Hi all,

i have question about document size. i know that the Couchbase has limitation about document size 20M.
our service can sometimes insert document over than 20M. but it is not possible due to couchbase limitation.
i use Couchbase Enterprise 4.6.3. how can i change the max document size? is it possible?

if you have a solution, please let me know.


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Hi @notemusic,

To do this, I think you would have to build your own fork of Couchbase with the max size setting changed.

What are you trying to store in Couchbase? If you’re trying to store large binaries, then Couchbase is probably not the right tool for the job. If you are storing JSON, you might consider breaking up the documents into smaller pieces.

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Hi @matthew.groves
Is anything changed from the time of your reply?
We’re seeing that document size highly affect sub-doc operations and we would like to decrease max document size somehow.
We can check how big is document on document insert/update and reject big docs, but couldn’t find a way to prevent it in case of subdoc API operations (e.g. 1k updates of different subdocument paths).
Any ideas?

Thank for help in advance!

Hi @sebarys,

I don’t think anything has changed in terms of changing the max document size. I would guess that changing it to a LOWER maximum is more feasible than increasing the size (as the OP was asking).

Something that HAS changed in the meantime is that we’ve opened up the JIRA site to allow people to more easily login and create issues and feature suggestions. I couldn’t find an existing suggestion along these lines, so perhaps you can create an issue describing your needs and your use case.

Hi @matthew.groves

I agree, I would like to have possibility to decrease size of document. I’ve created ticket:
Don’t know if picked right category, feel free to change and thanks for information