Coucbase Server doucument too big to edit

Hey guys, here is the scenario i am facing.

I am doing an android application is sync with the couchbase server via sync gateway (Coucbaste Lite Rest Api using Replications). As i am creating a food visual menu of food, i have alot of pictures. Thus, my documents can get very big, But i cant use attachment because it does not fit my program logic as i am using an arraylist to store many food into a single document.

When it is sync to the couchbase Server, i cant edit or view them because its states that “Warning: Editing of document with size more than 2.5kb is not allowed”. How can i get around this?
Also, if you any1 could provide any tips or sources to make my couchbase Server,syncgateway, mobile application working efficiently, do let me know:)


hey man thanks for your reply. i tried it but i dont know why it dosent take effect??

And plus my couchbase console loads very slow, is it due to the fact that my document is huge?

How big is the doc? I know it works for CB 3-4.6.