ErrorCode: 10061. WIndows 10

Hi ,

I am New to couchbase. I am getting error as below after installation

Env: WIndows 10 Home Edition, 64 Bit
CouchBaseServer : couchbase-server-enterprise_4.1.0-windows_amd64.exe

Initially i got warning as below

"Looks like couchbase Server doesn’t response in time.Please manually refresh browser and wait for Admin console to fully start " with ok button,

Then browsing “http://localhost:8091/index.html” , I got the following error

:The socket connection to localhost failed.
ErrorCode: 10061.
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it "

what should i do ?

I installed / uninstalled several times.
Is there is any utility to clear the registry entry of couchbase?

even aftre uninstall , i am able to see come registry entry as couchbase

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Hi, Looking at the error it looks like firewall service is running and that’s the reason it fails to start. Did you follow the steps (prerequisites) mentioned in our documentation for installation?
Can you please try those steps and see if that fixes your issue. One question did you use Control Panel to uninstall or Command-Line?

Anil Kumar


Thanks Anil.

i used control panel to uninstall. DO i need to use the command prompt?
i will try to follow the steps? So i need to uninsall and then disable the
firewall, stop the anti virus software if running


Sounds good and let us know if that resolves the issue you’re seeing. Regarding uninstalling from control panel vs command-line you can use either one I just wanted survey.

Anil Kumar

Sorry for resurrecting old thread…
But I have exact same problem.

Here’s my

File: couchbase-server-community_4.1.0-windows_amd64.exe
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Firewall: turned off
Path install: D:\Couchbase\Server

Please help, thanks…

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Same issue here did either of you resolve this?