Couchbase Server Version Upgrade

Hi, We have a plan to upgrade Couchbase server community 6.0.0 to 7.1 community version.
The Couchbase Cluster has six Linux servers, and so does the XDCR server.
I have some question.
If we follow 6.0 → 6.5 → 7.1x step then don`t all Couchbase Servers need to be the same version at same time?
(some nodes 6.0 ver and some node 6.5 version in few min)
I read some comment in your document “To upgrade a Couchbase-Server cluster means to revise upwards the version of Couchbase Server that is running on every node.” it mean that Couchbase Cluster and XDCR server is not stop during Version upgrade??
We use Java SDK version 2.7.2 and 3.4.0. Java SDK version 2.7.2 is capability to Couchbase Server 7.1??

Since we are operating the service, please recommend if there is a safer way than the method in the link below.

To answer your questions:

  1. It’s not required for all nodes to have the same version all at the same time, but we recommend going through the upgrade from such an old version in the stages listed. So, get all nodes upgraded from 6.0->6.5 (during that time, it’s acceptable for some nodes to be 6.0 and others to be 6.5) and then repeat the process from 6.5->7.x. FWIW, we just released 7.2.0 so I would suggest to upgrade to that.
  2. I’m not sure I fully understand your question here, but it is possible to upgrade a cluster without stopping XDCR. However, with very large volumes of data and high change rates, this may result in a large amount of bandwidth used to resync XDCR throughout the upgrade and so it may be prudent to pause XDCR first, perform the upgrade, and then resume it. It’s hard to tell you specifically whether that is required or not, I would suggest attempting first without pausing XDCR and then observing if you experience and bandwidth or performance issues.
  3. The Java SDK 2.7.2 has now reached “end of life” and so we would strongly recommend upgrading to 3.x. According to an older version of the docs (Compatibility of Couchbase Features, Couchbase Server Versions, and the Couchbase Java SDK | Couchbase Docs) version 2.7 should work against version 7.x of the Server…but it’s not something that we have tested as it is now end of life. I would suggest you setup a test cluster with your data and application to make sure it will run smoothly after the upgrade.
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