Upgrade from 4.1 ce to 6.6 ce

We need to upgrade our servers from 4.1 ce to 6.5 ce
I saw the recomended path is 4 → 5 → 6.
One of the upgrade options XDCR is creating a similar cluster the same version replicate the old one to it and then taking switch the our application to the new cluster and the upgrading the old one and switching back.
i didn’t see this upgrade option so Is it possible to create a new environment with couchbase 5 (already upgraded to 5) and just replicate the data from the old environment which is couchbase 4 using XDCR and just do it again from 5 to 6?
Or even better do this straight from 4 to 6?
Hope I explained it clearly.

Hello YoniY,

Thanks for using Couchbase.
You should be able to XDCR directly from version 4.x to 6.5.x .
One thing to read up on is the auth change between those versions, where you will need to create user accounts with ( Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) | Couchbase Docs ) and assign those in your application to ensure your application works with Couchbase Server 6.5.x .

Ian McCloy (Principal Product Manager, Couchbase)

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