Couchbase upgrade with XDCR

I inherited a few CB clusters. They are running version 4.6.1. We need to upgrade to version 5.5. Each cluster has setup XDCR to another site running v4.6.1. (Primary(v4.6.1) -> Secondary (v4.6.1) (via XDCR))

  1. What is the general procedure to upgrade in this setup?
    Should I upgrade the secondary cluster to 5.5 first before upgrading the primary cluster? (Primary (v4.6.1) -> Secondary(v5.5)
  2. Can I setup a new XDCR cluster running v5.5 and have replication go from primary cluster v4.6.1 to new cluster v5.5? Then move connections to the new Secondary and build a new XDCR cluster as secondary off the (v5.5) cluster?
    Primary (v4.6.1)
    -> old Secondary (v4.6.1)
    -> new Secondary (v5.5)
    Move connections to new v5.5
    new Primary(v5.5) -> new Secondary(v5.5)

Thank you

Hello bplegend,
It seems that the scenario you had in mind is quite what I do have in mind for us (we start from 5.0 and want to go to 6.0).
You did not get any answer on this forum but is it what you finally did ? With success ?
Any tip/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Thomas,
Sorry for the late reply. That was quite some time ago.
We went with the second approach using XDCR.