Couchbase server open failed

When I install a couchbase server in my windows OS,
fail to open http://localhost:8091/ ,and show 404,
It show “Error 1067: Out of Process Termination” when I want to open server on my Task Manager.
what should I do?

windows logs told me the “erl.exe” occur an error.%E6%97%A0%E6%A0%87%E9%A2%98

@Shore I am sorry that you are running into issues with Couchbase Installation.

Can you please provide the following information?

  1. What is the version of your windows OS?
  2. What is the version of Couchbase Server?
  3. Can you check the log files to see if it gives any hints?


My Windows is Windows 7 OS ,and the couchbase is lasted version 6.0.1,
But the couchbase logs show nothing ,it like never work.
What should I do anything else ?
Thank you.

For the email what you posted,
I’m so sorry to it , becauce my mailbox seems like not allow me to post the email to you.

Wish you don’t mind my poor English expression.
Because of the time zone, I’m here in the morning, good night.

@Shore Thanks again for using Couchbase product. Windows 7 OS is not supported to run Couchbase 6.0.1. Please see the supported platform matrix

Emmm…Which version support Windows 7 OS?

Thank you for your help, I have gotten a version which support my OS.

@Shore Windows 7 OS is very old and you might want to think about upgrading. Please read here

Thank you very muth.:wink: