Couchbase Lite suitability with embedded devices

Continuing the discussion from Couchbase in embedded devices environment:

The description you provide below is not so much for Couchbase Server directly, but definitely suitable for Couchbase Lite with Sync Gateway to Couchbase Server. Couchbase Lite has been written from the ground up to be very efficient about resources and its model fits the occasionally connected approach you describe.

You may want to look at the Couchbase Mobile developer site or the recorded version of the introduction webinar to get bootstrapped a bit more.

Thanks, just went through both links.

A few questions:

  1. Can I use Lite on Linux without Java? I would like to use NodeJS as my client and have no problem to run a standalone daemon.
  2. Can Lite clients access shared data in a peer-to-peer mode like the Server? It seems that Lite is mostly supposed to sync with the Server and peer-to-peer clustering capabilities are very limited.
  3. If you were to stick to using of Couchbase Server in the embedded environment that I had initially described, what would be your standpoint of Couchbase Server capabilities and shortcomings?
  1. The current implementations of Couchbase Lite are Objective-C (Cocoa), Java and C# (.NET). You should be able to run the C# implementation on Linux using Mono, but I’m not certain of that.
  2. Yes. Couchbase Lite supports arbitrary topologies for syncing; it uses the same replication protocol as CouchDB.

Thanks Jens. What would be your viewpoint on #3?

I’m not an expert on Couchbase Server (I work on mobile) but I highly doubt it could run in such a restricted environment. That’s at least an order of magnitude less resources (RAM, MHz) than I’ve ever heard of it being run with.

I can confirm Couchbase Lite for .NET also runs on non-Android Linux OS’s via Mono. People are already using it on Raspian (on the Raspberry PI).