Couchbase Mobile NodeJs

Does anyone know how to get Couchbase Mobile running in NodeJs. I have seen some posts that it is possible but I have been unable to figure it out.

Are you using NodeJS to build a mobile app? What framework tools are you using to do so? Could you point to the posts that say it is possible?

We were going to be using NodeJS serverside and use Couchbase Mobile as its backend, and then use sync gateway to replicate to a master Couchbase enterprise server.

Here is the link to the other post saying it should be possible: Couchbase Lite in NodeJS desktop app (using Electron)?

Don’t do that. Talk to the Sync Gateway’s REST API directly.

(Yes, you could set up Couchbase Lite and then talk to its REST API from Node.js, and then replicate the database to Sync Gateway, but this would just introduce a lot of overhead for no reason.)

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