Couchbase synchronization in embedded systems


I am mainly oriented in embedded systems based on Linux. I want to set up a lab environment for embedded device designed for monitoring purposes (that is why the “C SDK” I have chosen).

I want to ask about possible guidelines and architecture (references are enough for me) for the following concept:

the smaller databases that resides in embedded device running Linux should periodically “push” its data to remote server. However, this kind of synchronization shall be only one-way, as the server will receive copies from multiple nodes.
So the server in the end shall be capable of fetching/accepting data from multiple devices, but devices won’t know about each other data. In fact, for memory management, after successful push, the data can be removed.

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Have you looked at our Couchbase Mobile platform ? The mobile stack consists of Couchbase Lite embedded DB that can synchronize (one-way or two-way) with the sync gateway. The Sync gateway talks to Couchbase Server.

We have couchbase lite supported on many platforms/languages so you can use the native API on those platforms. For C, You could use the REST API to interact with Couchbase Lite.

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What are the hardware capabilities of these devices, i.e. CPU, RAM and storage? That makes a big difference.

The CPU is Dual-core Cortex A9 (arm), with 1GB DDR3 RAM, storage is limited to different sd card sizes. The space dedicated for measurements storage is ~0.5 GB.
In fact the entire platform is called Zedboard MicroZed.

Currently I am a student associated for an internship with Cern and I am trying to examine the modern and efficient storage for embedded system that is used currently and integrate it - it will cover part of my MSc thesis.

Is couchbase lite, is it possible to use it on linux system? I read a lot through your documentation and it is mainly related to smartphones OS and mobile platforms.
I couldn’t find a way to install/set it up on Linux. Will C SDK even work with CB lite? Or REST is only solution eg. using libcurl for C?

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