Couchbase lite - modeling multiple users

Hi everybody. I need to synchronize data between groups of people using a mobile app. Couchbase lite seems like a great option. However I am still unsure regarding some things. What is a good way to implement such a scenario. Obviously data should not be able to accessed by anybody. My idea is to run a couchdb database on a server and only interact with it via couchbase lite. I would create a database for each group, adding regular users to be able to acess the database. The logic (creating databases etc.) is happening on the mobile device accessing the server with basic auth. over https hard coding admin infos in the app. Every other databse access is the made via the users infos over normal connection. Is this secure? Whats the best approach for such a scenario? I appreciate every comment.

I would take a look at Sync Gateway.

Sync Gateway provides channels, channels can contain subsets of the documents in your DB. You can give different groups of users read access to only specific channels via a sync-function.


Hi andy, thank you very much for your answer.
My workaround tried to avoid synch gateway.

However it seems that going with synch gateway seems to be the most valid option for this kind of scenarios.