Need to create a new user to avoid using administrator user

Hi all,

I would like to create a new user for couch base server to avoid using administrator one but I can only find the following options in admin console under security tab:

a) create read only user that does not fit our requirements as we need full access user.
b) create user but can not set the password.

is there any way to create a user and set the password. I can not find the way in admin console.

thanks in advance, Pablo.

Hello Pablo,
If you like créate console users with specific privs, this users need to be authentified via LDAP.
In security folder, you see:
External User/Roles, and set the user and privs, but no password, thus need LDAP authorite.


Hi Arturo,

thanks so much for your help and pointer.

so if I have understood correctly I need to configure ldap to add external users and there is not way of doing using default configuration ??.

thanks in advance, pablo.

From my knowledge, yes.
You have this link for more information:

And this step by step from Couchbase blog:


thanks so much for the reply, really appreciated!

best regards, Pablo.