Couchbase Java SDK 2.0.3 released

Hello everyone,

I’m glad to report that we’ve released the third bugfix release of the 2.0 Java SDK series. If you are running on earlier versions, I strongly recommend you to upgrade. There are only bugfixes and small improvements in the new version, so upgrading should be seamless.

Highlights include:

  • better support for older Couchbase Server releases (2.2 and older)
  • increased resiliency during rebalance and failover scenarios
  • byte buffer pool fixes to avoid leaks
  • RxJava upgrade to 1.0.4, which also contains bugfixes and improvements

You can learn more about it here in the release notes:
It is available from both maven central, as well as a downloadable package. Read more here:

Let us know if you have questions and/or report issues either here as a comment or in our bugtracker (

Happy coding!