Couchbase Java SDK 1.4.6 Released

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce that we recently released version 1.4.6 of the Java SDK. It is a purely bugfix release and you can find the full release notes here:

You can grab it directly from Maven Central:|com.couchbase.client|couchbase-client|1.4.6|jar

I want to point out two fixed issues, so if you run across them please upgrade:

  • We introduced a new Diagnostics feature in 1.4.5, but it does not work properly on non-oracle JVMs and oracle JVMs with a custom setup. This limitation has been fixed, so it will boot properly on all JVMs now (JCBC-620).
  • If a node has been down for a longer time, it could’ve been the case that the retry took much longer, even if the node has been up again. This was because of an incorrect calculation of the reconnect ceiling timer. (SPY-179)

Please let us know of any issues as a comment here or through the bugtracker.