Couchbase Java 2.0.1 Release?

I had seen in release tracker/agile board that 2.0.1 of the Java SDK was due 11/4 - this has come and gone but I don’t see a build - what is the new schedule? 2.0.0 is essentially unusable due to a few very severe bugs in the release related to timeouts/node not found exceptions, and the interim fix of packaging everything as a zip (e.g. not having a maven artifact) is a very significant impediment to productivity around Couchbase-related development.

While I think the software quality of 2.0.0 was quite poor, I don’t mean to use this to give anyone a hard time, I just was planning against a 11/4 date to be able to go back to maven to pull in couchbase in the workflow, and if this has changed, I’d like to know when that may be so we can make some decisions around spending the time to include pulling the source ourselves, building it and core-io and the associated dependencies or continuing to shim in the patched zip posted here earlier if this isn’t going to be a long-term usability/code quality problem where the current released SDK actually doesn’t even work…

2.0.1 is posted to maven central, actually. It was posted yesterday. Is it there that you’re not seeing it?

Sorry for the troubles you’re having. 2.0.0 was definitely not intended as poor and it worked for a number of folks, but there were also several clear problems. We do monthly maintenance cycles so people don’t have to upgrade extremely frequently and it allows us to give each release a good QA battery.

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@ingenthr, sorry for the snark if this is actually ending up being my issue somehow, I am not seeing it on the web and it doesn’t resolve even with a force in my POM.

I’ll go look further into this!

I am glad the fix is in 2.0.1 and I know these things happen (I am guilty of them myself - it’s the nature of big systems and new software), it was just very frustrating that an issue that severe made it into a production release and then the fix was elusive. The long term solution, I think is for us to put some time and work towards not relying on maven builds and making our build process support pulling the source, applying any necessary patches, building the submodules, and building it on our own to avoid relying on the binaries, I feel bad for terse tone in this thread, but it’s really been a major source of problems in the dev/build process to have 2.0.0 non-functional and then have to rely on a posted zip for a fix.

But, I’ll stop complaining about that since we can modify our build process to work/patch around it and that isn’t your guys’ fault. Keep up the good work, these are relatively minor issues in the bigger scheme of things.

Thank you for the hard work on releasing these fixes regularly and continuing to work on a great product.

@basitmustafa you can see it here|com.couchbase.client|java-client|2.0.1|jar , maybe you need to resync maven central in your IDE.

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Yup, you guys are right, @daschl & @ingenthr, tried to force an update, but looks like mvn is being finicky, but yes, it’s definitely there and I see it! This is not your guys’ fault, and you have my apologies, sorry!

No worries, I know you were running into some issues earlier. Feel free to reach out to us if you hit something any time, we’ll have you covered.

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