Download link to Java SDK 3,0.2?

I would like to test theJava SDK 3.0.2 to see if the issues seen earlier (snappy decoding) have been solved.

However, I cannot use Maven to install in my environment - but I have not been able to find a direct download link for 3.0.2 - only earlier versions.

Does anyone know where I can download 3.0.2?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jda

Sorry, the link should be fixed and uploaded to the docs soon. In the meantime, here is the link:


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Link is now back in. :+1:


hey there.

there i found jdk3.0.2

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Yep, as pe @Richard_Smedley’s comment above. He just put it there :grinning:

Thanks @Richard_Smedley and @graham.pople :+1: