Couchbase installed on minikube on a Ubuntu Virtual machine-Bucket are not created and pods are in error

Installed Couchbase on minikube deployed on a linux (Ubuntu) Virtual Machine
Installation seems to work but

  1. From the web UI the loading of the sample buckets (Travel, beer, etc) fail (they are created and deleted immediately)
  2. thinking about memory problems I tried to increase RAM for DATA from 256 the a bigger value. It does not work
  3. worst problem. After rebooting minikube (minikube stop/start) or rebooting the Ubuntu VM, the 3 pods of Couchbase go in ERROR state and Couchbase doesn’t work anymore

ANyboy has already met this problem ? I hae already installed couchbase directly on a VM (without using containers) and it works
So I think there are some problems delivering Couchbase in a minikube environment
Thank you

I’m guessing you are using the operator:

  1. The operator manages buckets so will delete any that you haven’t configured in the custom resource. Depending on the version you are using see spec.disableBucketManagement or spec.buckets.managed to disable this.
  2. Again memory management is controlled exclusively by the operator see spec.cluster.dataServiceMemoryQuota
  3. You haven’t deployed your cluster with persistent storage, so there is nothing to recover from and all your data has been lost. Use persistent storage!

Hopefully that should get you up and running!

I am quite new to minicube
so I used istructions found here

I don’t if they istructiona follow your advices …

Thank you

Those quick-start instructions only deploy the absolute minimum required to demonstrate the Operator. That will not provide any HA features.

To make your cluster able to survive a restart of minkube you can learn about persistent volumes here and there is a guide how to configure it here

You can learn more about memory allocation here if you want to increase your memory quotas.

Finally this configuration attribute will allow you to turn off bucket management. That will allow you to load up any of the samples that server provides.

If you need any more help just ask, also any suggestions to make the documentation better would be appreciated.

Thank to your advices I resolved the 2 problems of the bucket creation from UI and Memory allocation

About the persistant volumes it is not clear to me if the indication reported in the page
Could be implemented after the deployment (and how)

or I have to restart from scratch modifying the file provided in the installatio guide page

Thank you for help

Persistent Volumes can be added after deployment. An in-place upgrade of the Couchbase Pods will occurr:

Modifying any field in the spec.servers object that affects the underlying pod will trigger an upgrade, as pods are immutable...