Operator not able to create cluster with couchbase/server:enterprise-6.6.1

Hi Team,
We are using the couchbase/server:enterprise-6.6.1 along with operator 1.2.2, till yesterday morning it was working fine and all of sudden we are not able to create cluster using operator.

I could see the new image got pushed in the docker hub, was there any change in this ? after pulling the new image only it stopped working.
Can anyone help on the same please.

Apologies for that, there was an issue with non-root usage after upgrading the base image from the now unsupported Ubuntu 16.04. This was blocking the processes inside the container from running - you can see it if you exec in for example - so the operator cannot mark the pods as ready.

A new image has been pushed that should resolve this. Can you double check you’ve definitely got the latest image pulled? Basically there were two new images yesterday: the first had the issue and the second resolves it so make sure you’ve not cached the first somewhere.

The latest image pushed should resolve the security context issue that was preventing the container processes from running. Please let us know if it works for you or if you’re still having issues we’ll need to gather some more configuration details to understand the specific usage you are using.