Couchbase for ARMv8 architecture?

A slow, but massively threaded ARM server like’s seems like it might be a good fit for a couchbase cluster.

Is there a working build of recent couchbase for ARM? Are there any plans for an ARM build in the future?

I’ve built it from source for ARMv8 in the past (see, but there’s no official builds currently.

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I would like to get couchbase on docker containers, following the couchbase on hub dot docker dot com. As there is no official support for ARMv8 and the ARMv8 dependencies aren’t available on packages dot couchbase dot com, I tried using the sources to build the same from suggested link,

Looks like the packages dot couchbase dot com portal is still broken for source dependencies : As I see the below error:

Error downloading
“HTTP response code said error” (22)

Any suggestions to proceed further will help.



So in general you’ll need to provide all the various third parties which Couchbase builds for supported platforms - things like libevent, V8, etc.

In the case of the above library (Breakpad); it’s an optional dependancy; it’s used to improve diagnostics in the event of a crash. You should be able to skip it as long as your platform reports as “unsupported” - see tlm/FindCouchbaseBreakpad.cmake at master · couchbase/tlm · GitHub

However, it would seem that your environment is being treated as “supported” - given that the build system is attempting to download Breakpad; cb_get_supported_platform() would seem to be returning true. I suggest you modify that to return false for aarch64 to get past your first issue.

Thank you very much for the reply and suggestions.

Are there any plans to officially host / support all the required dependent binaries for ARMv8 ? Any thing I can help with to make it possible ?


I wanted to add to this thread that we are working on a Linux ARM version of Couchbase Server to resolve this issue which will allow you to run a container on your ARM hardware, you can track the progress at

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