Couchbase Enterprise Edition VS Community Edition

Hi there, we are using Couchbase 5.1.1 CE, and we would like to know if the Couchbase Enterprise Edition (EE) has much more performances than the Community Edition (CE). The main differences between the two versions are only in terms of business assistance or there are improvements in performances?

Just an example: image that we have 4 nodes (4 core, 16GB RAM, SSD disk each) and you have 1 bucket with 3 TB of data, each document are about 1.5k size AVG each. Are there tangible differences in terms of performances (read and write) using CE or Enterprise Edition?


Yes there are significant product differences between EE and CE versions, typically capabilities to support mission-critical deployments: performance/scalability, security, high availability, advanced tooling etc.

See this link for a comparison between EE and CE -

Since performance is highly dependent on workload, I would encourage you to download the EE version ( as you can do that free of charge for development and testing. That way you can run your workload against the EE and the CE versions, and compare the performance.