Couchbase community vs enterprise features comparison

Currently my customers are curious to know couchbase community vs enterprise features comparison (especially security support) on any official site ?

Just for reference - something like below :

Currently the page you’re referring to is this one:

But maybe @cihangirb has some more info if this is planned?

Hi there are 3 feature areas that are different between community and enterprise edition -

  • encryption: Data Access, Admin and XDCR encryption is only available in enterprise edition.
  • rack & zone awareness: Ability to do smart placement to avoid rack level failures.
  • incremental backups: Ability to efficiently backup.

everything else is identical between 2 edition beyond these 3.
Many Thanks

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Thanks a lot for the info.

up to date comparison table is here:

“Query and indexing with memory-optimized GSI” is not available for community edition.2017-09-10 18_45_13-Couchbase Server Editions - Opera