Couchbase gateway CE vs couchbase gateway enterprise

Dear forum,
I’ve posted previously topic about cb CE vs cb enterprise features.
I found good hints here.

Now I ask what are the main difference between couchbase GATEWAY CE and couchbase GATEWAY Enterprise.
Can I use cb GATEWAY CE for commercial product?
What are the limits?

The only difference currently is that the enterprise edition has the Sync Gateway Accelerator, which increases the horizontal scalability of Sync Gateway.

For small deployments this won’t make a difference. If you find your system needing many SG nodes, the accelerator helps performance a lot. (I’m being vague about “many” because I don’t know the details. If you need to know more, someone else may chime in here, or you could contact Couchbase’s sales department and ask.)

There are no restrictions against using CE for anything you want, commercial or not.