Couchbase 4.5 Beta Available!

We’re super excited to announce that Couchbase Server 4.5 Beta has been released! This is a milestone beta release that comes with many awesome improvements in indexing, query and resource efficiency. With 4.5 Beta, we have shipped many exciting features including Integrated Query Editor, Memory-Optimized Indexes, Sub-Document API, Read your own writes, Circular reuse, Role Based Access Control, and much more.

Couchbase 4.5 also includes more platform coverage than before. We’ve introduced Debian 8 builds and this adds to the existing wide list of platforms we already run on (Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, SuSE, Red Hat, Debian and even Oracle Linux).

The downloads are at the usual place along with the release notes. You can read more about the beta release here and you’ll also find a good intro in Don Pinto’s blog post. The best way to give us feedback is to download the bits, look over the docs and post any feedback here or in our issue tracker. If you’re a docker fan, check out how to dockerize Couchbase and spin-up Couchbase 4.5 beta from Docker Hub.

We look forward to your feedback!


Download links on the Community Edition tab lead to for Ubuntu, etc,
i.e. all of them contain enterprise word in them.

Are all these URLs wrong or these particular installations are free for use?

Thank you,

From Architecture there is a new service named Search service (Developer Preview in 4.5).
Is there introduce for this service?
what different is Search service with Query service?

Find the doc.

Find more details about the Search service at

Also, more information on Full Text Search -

If you prefer videos, here are two short ones on Couchbase search service (Developer Preview):

5 minute overview of Couchbase Full Text Search

FTS - Quick demo

Congratulations for the 4.5 Beta Release ! It’s awesome.
Is there any benchmark for 4.5 especially comparing to the 4.1 ?
I would also like to know the release plan for the GA.

We plan to put the release out before the end of Q2. Obviously we have to hit the quality bar we set for the release so it may slip if we bump into an unexpected issue.

On performance, are there specific operations you are interested in specifically? Given we are not done with the release, I do not have the numbers here - we’ll capture them on the final bits but I can tell you what we are seeing so far: we are seeing huge increase in the query performance in JOINs with N1QL, Array Expression in N1QL (like UNNEST and ANY|EVERY), Huge improvement on index maintenance with memory optimized indexes (MOI) and Data Access with sub-document API also have improved the performance of Get/Set. There is quite a bit more. As we get closer to the finish line, we can get you more information on the diff with 4.1.


Hi Cihan,

Thank you for the prompt reply. I am currently testing the performance using 4.1 release. Couchbase performance is awesome.

In the next release, I am expecting to the N1QL related performance. I am also interested in the performance of sub-document API released in the 4.5 release. I will test the performance using 4.5 Beta soon. I can’t wait for the GA release.


I want to repeat the question @dennis asked in the very first post to this thread, as it was not answered.
When I download 4.5 Beta version from the “Community Edition” tab I get couchbase-server-enterprise_4.5.0-beta-debian7_amd64.deb file. Does enterprise part in the file name mean that this edition can not be used in production? Or a more general question, is it allowed to use Community Edition Beta versions in production?

I also think that question and the anwer to it could be added to Couchbase Licensing and Support: Frequently Asked Questions.

Hi Dmitry,
The download packages for pre-releases don’t distinguish between Enterprise and Community; there is only one and it’s labeled enterprise.

It’s not permitted to use the pre-releases in production, including DPs and betas. I’ll look into updated the FAQ, that’s a good suggestion.

is there a way to include conditions in sub-document get() API ?

not sure what is the best way to do it, but I can think of conditions using JSONPath.

pseudo code:
To Get all addresses with city=SFO in addresses array:

as an alternative to sub-doc API, Can sub-document be returned using N1QL query?