Couchbase 4.0 Developer Preview is here!

Everyone at Couchbase has been working hard on the next big update to Couchbase Server. This next major release has some hot new capabilities. We know many of you have had an opportunity to try the new query functionality, now officially branded as SQL for Documents (codename N1QL). This developer preview combines query along with new indexing, called Global Secondary Indexing (GSI) in a single easy to install and use package. You’ll notice as you set up a 4.0 preview cluster that services are easily managed across the clustered nodes, giving you Multi-Dimensional Scaling.

Check out the release blog from @cihangirb, grab a download and look over the docs.

As is always our goal with Developer Previews, we’d want your feedback! We will respond to feedback in the upcoming beta for 4.0, and then proceed from there to general availability.

See the docs for additional details on what to expect from the DP and how to provide feedback.


hi there~ may i know will 4.0 support rhl6?

yes, you can download it right now: Go here ( and click “additional platforms”

Just one question … is there a planned release date of the 4.0er version ? just an estimated one ?

@skyblader I think the communicated date is second half of the year, of course we want to shop earlier than later but it needs to fit our stability and performance standards :smile: