Couchbase 4.0 Beta Released!

We’re super excited to announce that Couchbase Server 4.0 beta has been released! This milestone on the way to the GA release includes more platform coverage than before. Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, SuSE, Red Hat, Debian and even Oracle Linux are all available now.

N1QL, our new query language, and Multi-Dimensional Scaling, the ability to scale data, indexing and querying independently are the hottest new bits. These are supported by the new global secondary indexes and the first deployment of ForestDB.

More info on the beta is on the site and you’ll find a good intro in Ilam’s blog post.

Please give it a download, look over the docs and post any feedback here or in our issue tracker. We look forward to your feedback!


Hi ingenthr,

Could you please provide me step by step installation of this version in windows.
I have selected Query ,Data and Index services while installing. But i am not able to find the n1ql in directory.
could you please help me.

Hi Arihant, Can you please follow the step-by-step instructions in documentation ( on Windows. Let us know if you still see problem. You can download the 4.0 Beta binaries from

I enabled the query and index service on my 4.0 couchbase instance. When I query getting below error. Any help.

27-Jun-2015 10:25:31.203 WARNING [cb-io-1-4] com.couchbase.client.core.endpoint.
AbstractEndpoint$2.operationComplete [null][QueryEndpoint]: Could not connect to
endpoint, retrying with delay 256 MILLISECONDS: Connection timed out: no further information: TTT/19
at Method)
at Source)
at Source)

Connection issue resolved. It ended to be issue at my end port was not forwarded correctly to my server and anti virus was blocking the port.

What is the approx. time when Couchbase 4 will get its Community Edition?


Hi, Community Edition for 4.0 will be released at the same time with Enterprise Edition in Q3 this year. In the meantime you can check out 4.0 Beta version

@anil, really appreciate your quick response!


On setup of the Couchbase 4.0 Beta version I noticed that the rpm file I downloaded has “enterprise” in the name and the setup has an EULA that looks to belong to an enterprise edition item. I was wondering if this edition held licensing and subscription requirements similar to the fully developed enterprise versions or if it was without fees the way the cbq-engine developer previews and the couchbase 3.0 community editions were. Intuitively, it seems it would be one way, but I wanted to be sure whether there were licensing requirements before I unknowingly made a commitment.

Thank you for your time.

Couchbase 4.0 has Filtered XDCR via REGEX on key. This is a HUGE feature for Couchbase.

Hi @ingenthr,

Does Couchbase 4 supports transactions?

HI @ingenthr

What is ETA on Couchbase 4.0 GA release and the JDK that goes with it ?
We need to start automating Index creation and dropping via a API and Multi Dimensional Scaling is important for us .
Good Work on CB it is the future !!!


Hi George,

Release date will be mostly dependent on fixing known issues and test results, but if we’re true to form then GA should be within 2-3 months of the Beta.

The Java SDK should simultaneously ship, or very close to it. As you know, the N1QL features are in the current SDK marked experimental so you can start doing development now, and then it’ll be fully supported in the next minor (i.e. 2.2) release of the SDK.

I hope that helps!


Hi @Sergei_Bershadsky. If you’re looking for atomic updates across multiple documents in Couchbase 4.0, no. As you may know though, you can model transactions around a single document. Maybe with more of a description of your use case, we can describe how you’d achieve what you’re looking to do?

Do you have a rough estimate when Couchbase 4.0 will be released? I’m right now developing a software which will go into production later this year (October/November timeframe) which could make great use of N1QL and I was wondering if I should stay with Couchbase 3 (without N1QL) for now or if Couchbase 4 will be available for production use by then.

Hi @peda, it is hard to be exact with dates but we are planning on hitting early Q3 for the launch of 4.0. We working hard to meet the timeline but the release date is based on the quality of the product. We will continue development until we are satisfied with the quality and that sometimes mean we may need to delay the plan.

@cihangirb thanks for the information - i do fully understand that quality of the product is more important than meeting the timeline. Just one more question - do you know if there will be the possibility to upgrade from 4.0 beta to 4.0 final release or does that require a new installation?

Exciting news!

Can I obtain the source code for 4.0 beta and build it myself? If so, how?

All of the source is on github under the Couchbase organization. The best starting point is the repo manifest.