Couchbase - Document (& Binary Attachment) Size Limit

Given better hardwares & higher bandwidths in today’s world, are there any plans of increasing the file size limit from the current 20MB?

Our use case is to support short videos and 20MB is too limiting. I can elaborate on this if needed.

I understand the current thinking behind the decision that if a larger size is needed, there is a design flaw which needs to be addressed or a different mechanism should be used to store/sync large files. However, using couchbase lite and couchbase for everything provides a simple architecture and implementation on all parts of the system. Using a separate design for storing files would mean that the data synchronization of those files would have to be implemented by the application developers themselves which can get really complicated once they start getting into it. Syncing everything except the videos (short ones, not the ones which are 100s of MBs in size) and having a separate logic to sync the videos from s3 or such isn’t a straight forward thing to do.

I am curious to understand the technical implications of increasing the document size limit on Couchbase and why increasing it would be problematic.