Doc size limited in push replication?

In my Sync Gateway log I see messages like this:
2016-09-27T17:50:10.626-07:00 BulkDocs: Doc “MostRecentBluetoothDeviceRecords95_kO6cYg6v-4F7xD9Q0AOoDegqxPLdpgnODJdBmVFw” --> 413 Too Large: Too large (MCResponse status=E2BIG, opcode=SET, opaque=0, msg: Too large)

Does that mean my document will not get replicated to the server ?
Or will the system fallback on another replication method for large documents ?

In my case the document becomes large not because of its application data, but due to a very deep revision history (100’s of thousands of revisions)

How should I handle this ? Thanks.

Couchbase Server has a 20MB limit for documents.

The revision history is not supposed to grow indefinitely … there may have been a bug in earlier versions of Sync Gateway that prevented it from being pruned, but I’m pretty sure this has been fixed as of 1.3. (@adamf?)

@jens: I verified that the document does not grow indefinitely. However it does get larger than 20MB. From my server I retrieved the last successfully pushed rev of this large document. It has 180 entries in _sync.history.bodymap. That array is by far the largest piece of the document.

Should I use the sync_gateway property ‘revs_limit’ to reduce upper bound for this array ?
I tried that, but it does not seem to have an effect on the size of _sync.history.bodymap.
Attached is the large document: (582.8 KB)

The attachment didn’t work … it downloads as a 0-byte file. Try Dropbox maybe?

180 revisions in the doc history won’t push the doc nearly to 20MB; each revision only occupies a few hundred bytes at most.

Uploaded here:
You’ll see that each of the 180 entries in _sync.history.bodymap is a full copy of my doc’s user properties (~110KByte in my case).

Ah. Those are all conflicting revisions that haven’t been resolved. That’s why SG saves their bodies. It sounds like none of the client apps (nor any server-side processes) are detecting or resolving conflicts.

Thank you. That points me in the right direction.