CB Lite 2.0 Developer Build 15: Is 'Changed' event multi-threaded?

I was using developer build #12 and I believe the ‘Changed’ event fired on the same thread that was doing the data change (e.g when calling Database.Save).
In Build #15 I see that the ‘Changed’ event fires on another thread asynchronously to the API call that caused the change.
I also see that the ‘Changed’ event can occur on several threads in parallel, when I make several data updates quickly.
Is that correct ?

It means that my ‘Changed’ event handler now has to be thread-safe.
Could you document in the 2.0 API docs such threading issues that an application might have to deal with ?

It’s best to assume callbacks from Couchbase Lite can be made from arbitrary threads, and either synchronize your handler code or (better) queue the work onto your own thread.