Leak threading while running couchbase lite 2.0.0

Hi developer,

With “Android Profiler”, I found the application create multi threading without release after running long time.
In the picture, it shown threading allocate after 13 mins without deallocation.

It also allocate more than 300 thread like that and continue more.

This code doesn’t called or managed by us. So could you help me what I need to do next?
Thank you so much!


  • We running on Pixel C tablet with 8.1.0 android OS version.
  • CBL: couchbase-lite-android:2.0.0
  • Sync gateway: Couchbase Sync Gateway/2.0.0(823;5b66afb)

Please file a bug report. In it, please describe what your app is doing at the time – it looks like a lot of documents are being changed?

Thanks! (cc: @pasin)

Yes, we created a lot of documents (one by one). As I think, cbl create new runable for each document change event.