Can Couchbase Lite handle concurrency?

Hello, I have a point of sale iOS app that handles in background its pool of print jobs in order to avoid blocking the GUI.
This means that there might be a situation where the user, via the GUI, inserts some order that will be written in the database, while at the same time, the jobs in the print pool may also be writing in the database.
Can Couchbase Lite deal with concurrent reads/writes to the DB??
A couple of times I have had to delete the app and reinstall it because the database has blocked, I wonder if it has to do with this scenario.
BR, Sandra

Have you looked at the concurrency support documentation?

You can run Couchbase Lite on multiple threads (or dispatch queues), but each thread/queue needs to be using an entirely different set of CBL objects. You cannot call any CBL object from multiple threads or Bad Stuff will happen.

Thank you Jens, I’ll take a look and implement according to this.
BR, Sandra