Ios lite 2.0 with dispatch queues

can’t find in the 2.0 lite documentation any reference to using dispatch queues. Can you point to some?

Not sure of the context of your question. Can you be more specific of the scenario.

The framework provides an API that allows you to specify dispatch queue on which change events has to come in on . I would have pointed you to our API reference page but that is temporarily down and team is working on restoring it. SO here is the GitHub reference

thanks. almost. My question was more around: anything I need to care/api to use for using dispatch queues with couchdb. There was some API and doc for 1.4 (for example, $manager.dispatchQueue), I was looking for the same thing: a page on “everything you need to know about dispatch queues and couchdb 2.X” with specific APIs when appropriate. (I’m using Swift)