Announcing Couchbase Server 7.6!

:tada::rocket: Exciting News: Couchbase Server 7.6 has just been released, bringing a plethora of groundbreaking features and enhancements to revolutionise your enterprise applications! :rocket::tada:

Vector Search enabling AI integration, semantic search, and the RAG framework. New security capabilities with SAML Single Sign-on (SSO), certificate expiry notifications, Argon2ID credential storage, encrypted backups and the ability to backup/restore users. Huge performance improvements with File-based Index Rebalance, 1 second auto-failover, and online migration to Magma Buckets.

There’s too many new features to list here, so go checkout the What’s New page in the documentation for the full list as well as the Release Notes.

Go download it today NoSQL Database Download | Couchbase 30-Day Free Trial or spin up a free trial in Couchbase Capella: Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

Couchbase Server 7.6 sets a new standard for modern database technology. So, buckle up and embark on a journey of innovation with Couchbase 7.6 β€” the database of choice for the next generation of enterprise applications! :star2::couch_and_lamp: #Couchbase #InnovationUnleashed


Looks interesting!

Dont see the 1 second auto-failover in the documentation: is it yet to be updated, or is it only for Capella or something else?

I opened a doc bug DOC-12011.

So this isn’t free anymore?

Couchbase Community Edition is still free. Couchbase