Announcing Couchbase Server 5.0 Beta

We’re excited to pull back the curtain on the beta release of Couchbase Server 5.0. With this release, Couchbase provides the world’s first Engagement Database, built on the most powerful NoSQL technology. This platform delivers unparalleled performance at any scale, while providing unmatched agility and manageability.

To meet the requirements of an Engagement Database, this beta release comes with new key capabilities that further strengthen our core characteristics of agility, performance, and manageability.

  • Full-text search
  • Powerful indexing & querying
  • Secure platform
  • Performance, scalability, and high-availability
  • Enhanced management, developer tools
  • Big data connectors

With these additions and much more, Couchbase Server 5.0 Beta is a huge release that packs a massive punch for enterprises looking to transform their digital business.

Find out more in the recent blog post!

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Exciting new features, got to try it out today !

Hi is ipv6 only now supported or still only legacy ip?

I can’t connect cbserver 5.0beta with java client v2.2.3, which works well with cbserver 3.5.
This log is: 07:29.849 WARN 1 [com.couchbase.client.core.node.Node:151] DNS Reverse Lookup of is slow, took 10156ms 07:30.194 WARN 18 [com.couchbase.client.core.endpoint.Endpoint:151] [null][KeyValueEndpoint]: Authentication Failure. 07:30.259 WARN 19 [com.couchbase.client.core.endpoint.ResponseStatusConverter:156] Unknown ResponseStatus with Protocol HTTP: 401 07:30.282 WARN 20 [com.couchbase.client.core.endpoint.ResponseStatusConverter:156] Unknown ResponseStatus with Protocol HTTP: 401 07:30.286 ERROR 1 [org.pigai.cache.couchbase.CouchBase:86] Failed to connect couchbase, for : Passwords for bucket “default” do not match. |cb_server=

Which client version should I use? thx!

Hi can you please create a new question as this is an announcement


Sorry for that!
I create a new topic in category Java SDK.

When is the couchbase 5.0 release date scheduled for? (the non-beta version)

Answered in the other topic, but see the blog on the new authentication methods or the beta docs. Note older clients can work as well, you just need to configure it.