ACID transactions example


There were recently added:
-transactions example
-and documentation page

In the docs we can find “Couchbase transactions require no additional components or services to be configured. Simply add the transactions library into your project. The latest version, as of October 2020, is 1.0.0-β.”

I would like to try it out, but I can not find this library anywhere. Also in the example there are two included headers - couchbase/client/cluster.hxx and couchbase/transactions.hxx. It it some kind of wrapper for c-sdk? I can not find it either.

Could You please provide more information about ACID transactions support for c-sdk?

Best regards

Hi Tomasz -

We are developing the c++ transactions library now, and plan to have an initial beta release available very soon (1.0.0-beta.1). This will be stand-alone (no need to pull in libcouchbase yourself). There is a c++ wrapper for the c-sdk, giving you cluster, bucket and collection objects. Currently these only support a subset of c-sdk operations, but may eventually expand to cover more of the underlying c-sdk.

When the beta is available, there will be links to the download page for it on the docs pages, along with a lot more documentation and examples. Of course, it is a beta, so keep it well away from production data.

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