C SDK - We want to hear from you

The C SDK (aka libcouchbase) is probably familiar to many of you as the underlying component of many of our other client SDKs (PHP, Python, Ruby, node.js) as well as some other community-supported SDKs.

We’d like to hear from any of you who are using the SDK directly (i.e. in a C or C++ application) — specifically with respect to:

  • Throughput per application
    • Casual
    • High load
  • Asynchronous or synchronous usage mode
    • Asynchronous (your entire application uses an event loop)
    • Synchronous (library functions block the application)
  • Environment
    • Linux/x86
    • Windows/x86
    • Other (please specify) ___
  • Language
    • C
    • C++
    • Other (via ffi or otherwise): ___
  • Types of APIs used:
    • Key-Value
    • Views (via the new view API)
    • Raw HTTP (lcb_make_http_request)
    • Other (please specify): ___
  • What has been your biggest challenge in using the library?
    • ______________

In the future, we may consider things such as:

  • Moving some internals to C++ (this will potentially simplify our internals)
  • Adding a more opaque request/response API (this will allow a simpler ABI and allow a simpler process for wrapping ABIs)
  • Suggestions?
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