Multi document transaction python

I am using async API of Python Couchbase client library. Note that I am not using twisted version. Now the question I have is how to I implement multi-document transaction. I do not see anything in docs only Java client has been docuemnted. Also, in Python client source code I could find no reference to transactions.

@shivshankar_dayal with python SDK transactions are not currently available.

@AV25242 I figured that much when I looked at Python client source code. Any idea about when it will become available because we have to process transactional data. For now I will try to implement by locking docs.

Hi @shivshankar_dayal - this is pending the completion of the transactions-cxx library. This is currently in heavy development but we don’t have a ETA for it, yet. I can pass on your specific interest to our Product Managers, but feel free to speak to our Sales/Partner staff (or Support, if you are an Enterprise Customer) via to discuss your specific use case.

Yes please do that. We are not an enterprise partner yet as we are in the process of migration of our database from PostgreSQL to Couchbase which will take some time. Then, we will need to test our code and only after that we would be buying licenses.

@shivshankar_dayal please get in touch with our PM @AV25242 he should be able to give you more details on the completion of transactions-cxx library

Thank you @raju glad to help

@shivshankar_dayal sorry I mistook your request to be you wanting to know if python transactions are supported.
answering to some of your questions
- Python lib is based on the c lib which is currently being worked on for transaction support and is tentatively due end of july - early august.
- Python transactions is not yet prioritized, however like ellis had mentioned if you can reach out to the couchbase partner team, they can help brining in the request which will help us prioritize as well.