3.0.0-beta win32 installation troubles

I don’t know if this is a beta issue, but had a great deal of trouble installing (not upgrading) 3.0.0-beta on 32bit windows 7.

Some non-default installation roots fail with `erl.ini file creation failed’.
The default path gets farther but the windows service almost immediately terminates due to ‘C:/Jenkins/workspace/win_cs_build/couchbase/install’ in static_config and other files.

So far I’ve only been able to get up and running installing to ‘C:\Jenkins\workspace\win_cs_build\couchbase\install’.
Are there more recently nightly builds or snapshots available?

(same results trying both community and enterprise editions)

If you run setup.exe from the cmd prompt or something similar with the /debuglog flag, it’ll generate a log that you can use to file an issue. That’d be really helpful to us.

It may be something environmental we’ve not seen before.