CS 5.0.1 EE Installtion fails on Windows10-Home

Couchbase Server 5.0.1 EE installation fails on Windows10, Home Edition, 64 Bit.
The installation rolls back the action. Does not create Couchbase folder and Service.

@Kamal was unable to attach logs, so he emailed them to me. CS-501-EE-Installtion-Error.zip (2.0 MB)

@Kamal is this an upgrade or a fresh install? From your logs, it seemed like an upgrade. Can you please confirm? I was able to successfully install

Good Day Raju,

Thank you for your note.
It was fresh install.
Yes, on this laptop I had installed CS Community Edition 4.x.
Then, removed CE and try to install CS 5.x EE.

There could be previous version footprints/files/logs still out there which prevents new 5.x EE installation.

I have removed earlier logs to my knowledge.
There were many attempts to install in C:, C:\Program Files, and other folders…many logs may still be there.

How can I clean previous presence of all CS installation and start a new installation?

Have a nice day!
Thanks and regards,
Kamal Trivedi