Zero items in the web UI even when there are several documents

So, the main bucket in our cluster has around 10,000 documents. The applications work correctly. But in the web console we see number of items in the bucket as 0. Attached is the screenshot.

The search section correctly shows the number of documents processed. Attached is the screenshot of that view.

The index section doesn’t show any statistics as well. Attached is the screenshot.

When I add more nodes to the cluster, the newly added node shows the statistics incorrectly but the old one doesn’t. Tried restarting the node but no luck. Killed the indexer and couchbase restarted it but even that didn’t fix this issue.

Here is the log view which shows the first log where we see some javascript errors.

Any help to fix this is appreciated.

@mreiche thinking that you might be able to help me here.

Searching for “cannot read properties of undefined” I find a few tickets for the UI that say they are fixed in 7.1.0.

@mreiche I’m using 7.2.2 Couchbase Server Community Edition

@mreiche thought of pinging you on this. I don’t have access to

You should be able to just create an account - Sign up for Jira - Couchbase database

Signed up there.

Do you know if there is anything I could do to reset the statistics or restart the javascript stuff so that things start over?

control-reload in the browser?
If you have enterprise edition, open a customer support case. Otherwise open an MB in and hope that somebody sees it.

I upgraded the couchbase to 7.6.0 and this issue disappeared.

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