Couchbase GUI showing incorrect info

Hi Team,

we flushed the data from the bucket. Even after flushing the data we could still see the incorrect item count showed in GUI (screenshot is uploaded.), whereas checking with cbq it shows the count as 0.

Has anyone faced such issue and how to recover it?

cbq> select count(*) from sessiondb_tas1;
“requestID”: “209318b1-aad9-476a-97da-fd88ffe21991”,
“signature”: {
“$1”: “number”
“results”: [
“$1”: 0
“status”: “success”,
“metrics”: {
“elapsedTime”: “12.111469ms”,
“executionTime”: “12.079325ms”,
“resultCount”: 1,
“resultSize”: 31


I have misread post. The cbq results is right.

This has happened with me too. When I started XDCR to new 5.0 for app testing. The document count is not lively as it was in 4.6.2.

You need to do some clicks and then it retrieves docs and give the doc numbers.

Hi Manoj, can you provide more information on #1 what version is it? did you flush the bucket from UI or REST or CLI? did you refresh the UI? I’m CC’ing @rob.ashcom, @eben and @chaitra.ramarao.

Hi Anil,

Version is 4.6.3

Flush was done from GUI.

and the GUI was refreshed many a times.

and we also tried dropping the bucket and recreating it with same name once it was recreated the same count was reflecting then we had to create a bucket with a different name and then it was showing 0 count.