Will couchbase be added to easy deployment on GCE?


So there seems to be lot of integration on GCE with aerospike, Mongo etc. Is there any general advice not running a cb server in this cloud (non dockerized) ?

Sure it is easy enough to install cb but the lack of presence made we wonder. I am used to cb know so would like to stay that with this path.

Should be quite alright. There’s some work going on with GCE right now I believe. Maybe @shane or @cihangirb can say something more about it.

Hi @Lundin,
Glad you asked! We have an interesting session this monday (23rd) in london at Couchbase Live Europe on just this topic… We will disclose some of the work we have been doing with Google Cloud. http://couchbase.com/cbliveeurope - The talk is focused on tuning Couchbase on GCE. We are looking to streamline deployment as well but that will happen in a short while.

3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
Google Cloud and Couchbase Server: Zero to Millions of Operations in No Time


For what it’s worth, we’ve been running 2x 3 node clusters in GCE with no issues whatsoever, other than the usual DNS resolution stuff if you want to use FQDNs for your couchbase servers. Unlike EC2, GCE doesn’t have nice CNAMEs for internal and external IPs, so you’ll need to handle that yourself through /etc/hosts.

Other than that, we just built an image from a base Couchbase install for rapid deployment (Debian 7) - it’s pretty easy to make images from an existing VM using the gcloud CLI

Yes that’s pretty much the approach we struck upon. Install CB once (which can be automated) and then instantiate VMs based on this snapshot. We used a separate root volume to the data volume which was an ext4 fs with journaling disabled.
The scripts we used can be found here: https://github.com/couchbaselabs/google_compute_benchmark

Do let us know how you get on and if you have any questions!