Can app on GAE(google app engine) access Couchbase server host on VPS/dedicated server?

One of my small python web app hosts on GAE
but I prefer to change its database to couchbase.
GAE database is too special which rely on GAE and not good for future migration.
Can python app on GAE(google app engine) access Couchbase server cluster host on VPS/dedicated server?
(of course they are not in same local network with GAE)

if sure, what need to care(firewall, port policy and all others) for Couchbase server being open to web, ?



Do to some limitations detailed here I don’t think it is possible to run the couchbase client library on GAE, since sockets are not allowed on Google app engine the library can’t open a connection to your external database host. Also the Couchbase python client depends on the libcouchbase C library which is not present on GAE as far as I know.

So currently I don’t see how to get this to work on GAE, but using Heroku as well as Kurobase should give you an easy way to get started.


GAE supports socket now
libcouchbase C library is the problem
somebody said mysql is ok for gae access, it also needs socket

Ok nice to know has been a while since I worked on GAE. Since the Java Library does not depend on C you could try to use the Java Driven and Jython, but I guess this would be hard to get working as well.