Where to start ? (with web frameworks)


After couchbase conference earlier this years, I decided to test this nosql database engine for a future website.
I would like to use Django framework (or Symfony 2 if integration with Django isn’t available).
I saw that there was a Python SDK available but there is no information about its integration with Django. Is it compatible? The engine fits there well with the framework? Ie use the framework without replacing the system models and databases by direct use of the SDK.
Same question with Symfony 2. Integration with Doctrine ?
Informations are missing.

Thank you in advance for your answers that will surely enlighten me.


Couchbase has some integration with Doctrine, you can find some information here:

You can also find some interesting information in this presentation:

About Django, I do not think we have anything yet, but with the new Python SDK, I am confident that some interesting work will come form the community.


Hi guys,

Just wondering if there is a particular Python web framework that you advocate? We are migrating from PHP to Python, so will be very much starting with a clean slate.