Django Framework integration

Good afternoon,
I see the documentation about Python SDK available but there is no information about integration with Django.
Is it compatible? The engine fits there well with the framework? Ie use the framework without replacing the system models and databases by direct use of the SDK.

I would like to create an API with Django REST Framework that consumes data with Couchbase Server.

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Hi there is both and I haven’t tried either of them but Django CBTools looks better as it supports more of the functionality of Couchbase via Couchbase Python Client. Django-Couchbase just implements the Memcached functionality using a self-contained Python module so is limited in its support.

Hope that helps?



Thanks for your reply @ellis.breen.
I have seen the repos but the Django CBTools the [v1.2.0 is published about 3 years ago, it seems that is not continued, and not support the lastest funcionality versions of Couchbase Server 6.

Do you know if it is continued?
Any other suggestions and solutions?

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Good morning @ellis.breen,

I will try to do an example with the CBTravelDemoApp
Any advance with this issue that I reported (doesn’t work with Python3) to do an example?

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