[POLL] What PHP framework do you use?

I’m curious what frameworks developers use on projects with Couchbase.

I don’t think the framework used is relevant for anything in this case :wink:

Maybe we can help people by providing better integration with the most popular ones. Maybe mapper for Doctrine will make someone’s life easier?

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So you should ask whitch ORM is used not the Framework.
I using Symfony but not Doctrine :slight_smile:

The main reason of this topic is to ask people how we can make PHP SDK better. I know that the API could be better in several places (e.g. return values PCBC-470). So my guess was to look at the frameworks and see if they can influence the SDK API in some good way.

I just want to collect and structure feedback to implement in future version. And extract features, which require major version bump, so that we will follow semver better.

We use parts of Zend and part of Symfony, but not for persistence related things. ORM is managed by our own codebase. So I voted “other”.

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We use both Laravel and Lumen.

Whether it is an implantation of ActiverReocrd or DataMapper, I found it hard to use ORM (or ODM) with document database. A DAO or Repository has been working best for us.

I think first step would be come up with a query builder instead of an ORM.

For that reason, I’m working on https://github.com/moon0326/n1ql-querybuilder for my use cases. (not even alpha or beta though. Long way to go).


I’m on my way with https://github.com/blackprism/couchbase-odm :wink:
I made lots of update and gonna commit them soon