What does "Unlimited query concurrency" mean and other licensing questions

I am currently evaluating couchbase for a project. In the feature comparison for the enterprise vs community edition there’s the point “Unlimited query concurrency” missing in the community edition.

What exactly is ment by this and how is query concurrency in community edition?

Additionally i would like to know if you have any special plans for the enterprise edition for non-profit organisations?

In community edition, the Query Service uses at most 4 cores per node. In enterprise edition, the Query Service can use as many cores as are available per node.

Also, in community edition, every node runs all the services – Data, Index, Query. In enterprise edition, you can pick and choose which nodes run which services (“multi-dimensional scaling”).

I would suggest that you pilot both the latest community and enterprise versions, and get a feel for how they work for your data and applications / use cases.

Great idea evaluating both. Thanks very much for your help!

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@Geralds has this correct. You can find this and other differences between editions here: http://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/server/4.5/introduction/editions.html

and some more details on the blog:


Two scary trends:

  1. EE features differ from CE more and more with each new version
  2. More limits to CE with each new version


Thanks you all,

@cihangirb very helpful page … this list doesn’t sound to bad at first sight, but

@egrep … this does not sound very good.

Anyway … i contacted sales regarding my other question – terms & conditions for non-commercial / non-profit organisations. Would be cool if such organisations could get a better deal (no need for a support-contract anyway, just want to get rid of the limitations, get the improved backup-tools and the latest versions).

Thanks folks, - @egrep, just to be clear, there has not been any new restrictions in CE vs EE for existing capabilities with new version. We have been careful to add many capabilities to CE with version 4.5 as well. Here is the list of new features lined up for 4.5 community edition as of today:

  • array indexing,
  • index joins,
  • sub doc API,
  • RYOW,
  • Improved IO for indexing
  • integrated query workbench
  • enhanced query monitoring
  • advanced command line
  • new N1QL functions

For 4.1 CE which is coming soon we also have the following;

  • prepared statements
  • covering indexes
    and so on.


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