What is the max parallelism in CE for key/value lookups?

Plase see the declaration below. My question is that, is this limitation (in CE) valid for the key/value searches which are send without using any secondary index & N1QL? In other words, in CE, is max parallelism 4 for all lookup operations?

According to the (https://blog.couchbase.com/couchbase-server-editions-explained-open-source-community-edition-and-enterprise-edition/):

High Performance Concurrent Query Execution: Couchbase Server query service achieves great query throughput and query latency by taking advantage of large number of queries concurrently and by parallelizing query execution across
multiple cores. Only Enterprise Edition comes with full parallelism and concurrency support. Community edition can only be deployed in homogeneous deploy model and comes with limited concurrency and parallelism (max parallelism can be 4) on each

CE limits Query service to 4 cores.
Any given time 2.5*4 worker threads used to get the document Data node.