Using Community Edition in Production

Can someone who is already using community edition share their views?
I understand EE is much better in terms of the features it offers but being bootstrapped company we want to know if we can make use of CE in production until we hit some revenue.

I have couple of queries and would be great if someone answers those.

  1. Any stats on how much traffic (rps) a single node can handle to evaluate the costs once we need to start using EE?
  2. What limitations I need to aware before starting with Couchbase database server (I’m on NodeJS)
  3. Is it efficient for calculating counters/aggregations?


Good question.

Would be good if couchbase can give here a bit more details. There is a documented limit of 4 CPU-cores for Community edition. Is that limit only for N1QL-Queries? So if I have a node with f.e. 16 cores, then I have a maximum of 4 for Query-service, but can still use the other 12 for data service, indexer and full text search?

At any given time CE N1QL process only uses maximum 4 cores. All other process can use remaining cores.
Query service built on go. CE version uses GOMAXPROCS 4

The GOMAXPROCS variable limits the number of operating system threads that can execute user-level Go code simultaneously. There is no limit to the number of threads that can be blocked in system calls on behalf of Go code; those do not count against the GOMAXPROCS limit. This package’s GOMAXPROCS function queries and changes the limit.

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Thanks vsr1. I think it’s a good way to implement a limitation.

Then for me the biggest problems of community edition (when performance of 4 cores for queries is enough) would be:

  • no index replicas (but workaround, creating the same index with different names, could be ok)
  • no fts replica (no workaround, this is really a problem: if one node goes down, you lose a part of fts index. You need to run rebalance manually and wait until fts index is recreated. Not really a option if HA is required)
  • no incremental backup

We have unresolved problems with indexer in community edition.