What CPU would you recommend for Couchbase server?

Hello everyone.

My team and I have been developing JavaEE using Couchbase (version 3.0.3-1716-rel) as a database server for a few months now. In order to continue our work on this project we have to buy certain desktop machine to play the role of a server. Our budget is not small, but we don’t want to waste too much money on something that is not meant to be a production machine. Could you give me some guide lines for deciding which CPU would be sufficient or a little better than that for the Couchbase server.

Our application will have no more than five buckets in earlier versions. We are currently choosing between Intel i5 of third generation and i5 of fourth generation. Maybe some AMD CPU with octa-core would do better job. Also, we could benefit from smaller power consumption since this computer would aim at 24/7 uptime.

Thanks in advance!

@senorjohnny we have pretty good sizing guidelines in our documentation which you should follow: http://docs.couchbase.com/admin/admin/Concepts/bp-sizingGuidelines.html