What recommendations do you have on EC2 instances?

I’m curious as to what EC2 instance would be recommended to run a single Couchbase node. This isn’t for production use, but rather some simple map-reduce computation of ~3M records.

The two EC2 instance sizes that I’m debating between are:

  1. Extra Large (m1.xlarge), 4 virtual cores (8 ECU), 15GB RAM, High I/O, 1000 MBPS EBS optimized
  2. M3 Extra Large (m3.xlarge), 4 virtual cores (13 ECU), 15GB RAM, Moderate I/O, 500 MPBS EBS optimized

The price is about the same. #1 is slower in CPU, but has better IO.

I’m mostly planning on doing map-reduce operations using views. Should I prefer CPU over IO or the other way around?

  • Steve

I will go with the option 1.

As far as I know map-reduce operations with views are IO intensive. So I’ll prefer first one. But if you’re using amazon you can easilly switch instance type or launch 2 instances for short test and find out what’s better.

I’ll do some benchmarking on both and report back the results. Thanks for the feedback!